Completed tasks just fading instead of disappearing


Thanks! I felt dumb for not seeing this before but appreciate the help!


Please give the option to hide completed subtasks… pleeease…


Agreed option to filter the sub-tasks list would be beneficial so that the long list can be minimalised.


View All
View Incomplete Only
View Completed Only

This helps to bring the comments section up as well which gets lost under the sub-task list.


Even though “Show Only Incomplete Tasks” works on the project task list View, completed Tasks still show up in the Timeline and Calendar views. How do I stop completed Tasks from showing on these views?


Hi there, I have just moved our whole team to use Asana (they’ve been trying the website for almost a month) and now I have just found out how annoying it is to see uncompleted subtasks all over. This is not practical at all as well as the apps on iOS look so different from the website it is almost not worth it having it.


I actually liked the idea that tasks where just fading in My Tasks. I had it for years but yesterday it went away. Any idea on how I can get it back.

Again, this is not in project or search. I am referring to when you click on My Tasks at the left tab.

Thank you.

Moris R.


Hi @Moris_Rabiean, simply set your My Tasks view to “All tasks” and you should be able to see your (faded) Completed tasks again! More info in this handy article:


Hello, I’m having this same issue:

I click “Mark Complete,” the tasks changes to “Completed,” but doesn’t disappear.

I did verify that the “Incomplete Tasks” view was selected.

This is problematic because the incomplete tasks get buried / lost in the shuffle.

Thoughts / recommendations?


Hi @Nikhil_Torsekar and welcome to the Forum!

So sorry for the trouble here! Could you please share a screenshot of the task details as well as the URL of the task?

Many thanks!