Completed tasks just fading instead of disappearing



My team is having trouble with a feature of asana. After we check off a complete task, it just grays out/becomes slightly dimmer. It doesn’t disappear. The only way to make it disappear seems to be to delete it, but that is an extra click and also, I think, deletes occurring tasks. Is there a way to change this so that a completed task does not remain on the task list in a faded way, but just disappears?

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If you are in a project, you can select to see “All Tasks”. I think default is just to show incomplete.

You can also save that as the default view.


Thanks so much, that did it. Really appreciate your response. And is there a way to make that the default setting team-wide for all projects?

Also, as a follow up, is there a way to default make new tasks that are assigned to people public for everyone in the team?


@Brian_Van_Slyke, the default setting for new Projects is to show “Incomplete Tasks”, so if that’s the view you’re hoping to see on your Projects, you should be set moving forward! There isn’t a way to adjust the settings on Projects in bulk.

As for making Tasks public to the whole team – Tasks will inherit the permissions of the Projects they are created in. So, if you’re creating Tasks in a Public Project, the Tasks will be Public (and Private to members, if in a Private Project). The one nuance to this is that Tasks you create in your My Tasks will be Private (and assigned to you) by default. You can file that Task into another Project or add followers, from there. Let me know if that helps!


This is only true for project views of tasks, and not task views of subtasks, right? In other words, there doesn’t seem to be a way to view only incomplete subtasks rather than all subtasks.


@Craig_Fifer, that’s right – you can’t filter on how subtasks appear in the Task Pane, so they’ll always appear grey-ed out rather than disappearing.


This seems like an arbitrary limitation. It’s not a major problem for my team, but it’s a particular issue for repeating subtasks like this:

This is two rounds of the steps to do an employee’s annual performance review. Over time, the next round will be lost in a sea of completed rounds. Since we only use these subtasks for workflow and not for content, there’s literally no reason to see previous rounds ever again. And this is a set of annual tasks – the problem would be much worse with more frequent intervals.


@Craig_Fifer, totally – I’ve experienced those subtasks filling up the Task Pane as well, especially when subtasks are set as recurring. Two tips that might help:

  • You can drag and drop subtasks, so you could drag the “active” subtasks to the top of the pane so that they’re more visible.
  • For recurring subtasks, you can “hide” them behind a cover subtask. Essentially, create the recurring item as a sub-subtask so that the recurrences are hidden from the main Task Pane. They’ll still be there, behind the “cover” subtask, but a layer deeper.

Both of those aren’t perfect solutions, and I feel your pain on seeing that area fill up quickly. That being said, hope one or the other of those helps!


Is there a way to do the same for the mobile app? It does not seem to copy the web setting ?


Hello, I just wanted to add to this thread that this feature is really annoying - I have to reselect “incomplete tasks” every time I log in. I hope Asana is thinking about fixing this and giving an option to save the preference!


Yeah I would like to know if this is the case. I can’t find a way to hide completed tasks for a project (board based).


+1 for mobile

This is a must if as I consider switching from Trello


@Mary_Helen_Young, where you’re selecting “Incomplete Tasks”, you should see the option to “Save View for Everyone”. This will save the View as default to just Incomplete Tasks and prevent you from having to re-select it each time you login. Hope that helps!


@Kayla, if you select the “View” menu in the upper right hand corner of your Board view, you should see the option to just see “Incomplete Tasks”, which will filter out any completed Tasks. You can save this view so that incomplete Tasks is the default view, as well.


@Sara, I don’t see that option in the mobile app. Could you post a


I have the same issue on Mobile. When I’m in board mode/desktop, I can select “Show incomplete task only” and it works. But in mobile I don’t see that option. It seems that even though the option is applied on desktop, mobile is not reading it. Here attached you can see the difference between both views.

Boards on Mobile - Completed Tasks not Disappearing

I’m experiencing the exact same issue for both iPhone and iPad versions of the app. I was feeling like an idiot trying to search for a way to hide completed tasks and finally came across this. I don’t understand why the default (which can’t be changed on mobile) is to show both complete and incomplete tasks. It makes boards completely unusable on mobile in my opinion.


@Sara, above you said "@Brian_Van_Slyke, the default setting for new Projects is to show “Incomplete Tasks”, so if that’s the view you’re hoping to see on your Projects, you should be set moving forward! "

But the default setting on my Project view is “All Tasks” view - or are you only referring to the list projects when you say that and not the boards? Is it possible to submit a feature request that ASANA make view changes stick (remember) once the user makes them?


If the sub/task inherits the protocol from the parent project in which it is created, when then do completed tasks show on Boards inside the mobile apps?

We created a side project for weekly sprints. Inside this project we have established five columns to represent the days of the week. From here we subordinate projects sub/tasks to the ‘sprints’ board project for the day the task is set to begin or is due.

In the parent project file the task view setting (for all projects) is set to show incomplete tasks only.

In the desk top app, we do not see completed tasks inside the sprint project. However, on mobile apps we still see them…but do not want to.

Is this the proper behavior for this feature?


Would love for ASANA to work towards this integration! When using repeating subtasks in a long-term task, the insurmountable number of greyed out repetitive tasks is frustrating!!