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We use comment-only projects for a Wiki, and they work well for us. We prefer the list view rather than the board like @Julien_RENAUD has (it’s more compact), so I’m just going to drop this here in case it’s useful to someone:

  • Each task is an article/document. Depending on the topic, the info might be contained in the task description, or attached as a PDF to the task.
  • We use two fields to give people more info about the article.
  • ‘Document State’ is used to tell people how much they can rely on the info (e.g. is it still a draft, or has it been approved?)
  • ‘Wiki Tag’ basically says what kind of article it is. (e.g. ‘Resources’ means a downloadable attachment such as a product drawing, catalog, or data sheet)

Different departments have their own Wikis so the articles are relevant to the people who can see them. Some articles (like IT trouble shooting and contact info) are multi-homed.


Indeed the list view is more appropriate if you have custom fields. The table view will be more visual if you have images. And in any case it is easy to switch from one to the other according to your preferences :+1:

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We really need a wiki integrated to Asana in our company too.


We need a wiki integrated to Asana in our company too.

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Yes please!

If Asana had an integrated wiki we would be able to go all in.

We are hoping for something like JIRA/Confluence except not so terrible :slight_smile:

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Wiki would be a really awesome add!

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yes +1. We would LOVE to not have to use NOTION as well as Asana and just have everything in Asana.

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And what is missing from Asana at the moment in your opinion?

What’s missing is the WIKI functionality that notion has where you can create pages in different formats that are built for content that your team can search.

We could use a project as a workaround in Asana but it’s not ideal. If you read up this thread people are expressing it in many different ways.


We’ve been using Asana as our primary Wiki for around 18 months. One big issue I have is access control. I.e. comment-only users commenting on the tasks (each Wiki article is a task). This really just clogs up the articles and makes the important info harder to find.

I suppose this is more of a general Asana problem, to be fair… it affects way more than wikis. I love Asana but it really frustrates me that there’s not a proper ‘read-only’ option.


It’s a shame to see other products that are younger than Asana completely taking over.
Notion was mentioned but clickup is the best example of what Jira + confluence in 1 tool can actually look like.
Adding a Wiki to Asana should be a priority for this tool to remain relevant over the next few years IMHO.
Those products may not have the market presence of Asana yet but their round of founding will soon make them more serious competitors if not yet

Each product is choosing a different path, they don’t have to all follow the same vision at the same pace IMHO.

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That would be a way to do it, but not precisely ideal in my opinion, as @Jesus_Garcia_Gonzale mentioned we also would like to be able to display the tasks as a document, not as a task, with images in between, markdown, headers, etc. Like an hybrid between Google Docs inside asana. The examples of @Jesus_Garcia_Gonzale are exactly what we would be looking for within Asana to create a knowledge base as we want it. We would love the function!

Hi there, for us the issue is giving access to the wiki to the whole company where only 15 out of 40 employees have an ASANA licence.

A wiki should be for everyone, not just staff that use Asana on a day to day basis. Which is why we need to rely on an extrernal wiki.

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If the others are guest users (Asana users with a different email domain than your company one) they can still access the wiki, just no access to paid features (so they would not be able to edit graphs, custom fields, etc) but to view the info in the wiki works without problems.

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Hi @Andrea_Mayer , that is correct, however in our situation, the ‘others’ have a domain email address, so they cannot view anything withoug being increasing the number of seats required. cheers

Thw lack of a solid wiki is what is holding me from using Asana. There should be a place where to document work instructions etc. And it should be reachable for paid and non paid users. I see in ClickUp you can do this.

Hi @Tobias_Emmerik - have you considered adding a section for any “resource” to your projects for any documents, instructions, how to’s etc…? In list view this can then be collapsed when not in use. I have implemented this in a number of projects from resource projects with no end date to timeline driven projects with an end date. Good luck

Giving the user the ability to create a wiki is the only major feature that Asana seems to lack, and where it falls short in comparison to other tools like Notion. Whether through an integration or a first-party feature, having a wiki editor would be beneficial. I realize that you can use a comment-only board as a workaround, but this doesn’t seem ideal as it doesn’t give the expected wiki user-experience. Hoping we will see this added to Asana in the not too distant future.

Agreed. We’d love to see a wiki-like functionality to really improve our documentation. I wish that Asana and Almanac ( would join forces. It’d be everything we need for both projects and the company.