Community Admins, Moderators, and Champions



I’m excited to introduce our first Asana Community Champions and Moderators!

Champions and Moderators are Asana experts who you can trust to give you guidance on how to use Asana and how to engage with the Community. See our list of Champions and Moderators and a description of the program below. Reach out to the Community Manager, @Alexis, if you’d like more information.

Admins from Asana



About the Champion Pilot Program
For the second half of 2017 we are hosting a pilot program for Asana Community Champions and Moderators. The Champion Pilot Program is designed to last for 6 months. It is an opportunity for us to experiment with version one of a Champion program to celebrate our most active community members, keep them engaged, and create a program that encourages long term participation.

Qualifications for Champions and Moderators
An Asana Champion is a trusted Asana customer and Asana expert who participates actively in the Community, and with whom Asana Community staff have established a relationship of trust. To become a Champion, someone must demonstrate the following in the Asana Community: passion for Asana and its Community, superior knowledge of the platform, leadership skills, and a supportive nature.

An Asana Moderator is an Asana Champion who demonstrates the utmost in Asana expertise and an aptitude and interest for the leadership and organization of our online Community.

Champion and Moderator roles in the Community
Champions and Moderators are trusted guides who can provide you with Asana expertise and advice. Moderators are Champions with the additional role of helping to keep the Community organized. If you have questions or you’d like to get involved, feel reach out to Asana Community Manager, @Alexis.