Asana has been nominated for the Community Industry Awards 2022!

Hi everyone!

The nominations are in and we’re honored to announce that Asana is in the running to win Best Growth Marketing Community in the 2022 CMX Awards. We wouldn’t be nominated without you, so thank you! :heart:

If you’d like to support us, please cast your vote by visiting before November 19th. Click on the ‘Growth Marketing Community’ category and provide your name and email to vote Asana.

Have a few extra minutes? We’re also proud to be nominated in these other categories:

  1. Asana Community Forum for Best Customer Success Community
  2. Asana Japan for Best New Community
  3. Joshua Zerkel at Asana for Executive Leader of a Community Team
  4. Kimberlea Buczeke at Asana for B2B Community Professional

You all are what makes Asana Together an extraordinary community and we’re grateful for your support. Thank you!


Boom! Voted for Asana for best customer success community, @Joshua_Zerkel for Executive Leader of a Community Team, and @Kimberlea for B2B Community Professional.

All nominations very fitting and votes very well earned! Go Asana!


Congratulations!! It will be a pleasure to vote Asana (our best friend for projects and task management). :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Congrats and you have my vote!

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(casually slips in a vote for Asana)

Congratulations you guys! This is totally well-deserved. Everyone in this community is doing a great job being all helpful and kind :raised_hands:


Thanks everyone! We really appreciate your support :heart:

Awesome! :raised_hands: Congrats everyone.

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