Comments on Attachements



I’m a creative director in an ad agency.
When my team attaches various layout comps on the task we are working on I can’t give feedback on each of them.
I have to go to the comment section and list the feedback on the comments section, for example (image 4: logo is too big, image 5: let’s try another color for the background)
It would be easier if I would be able to comment on the specific image.
Is there a way in which I could give specific feedback to each of the attached layouts?
Does asana have that option?



One subtask each to include attachment and comments?


The ability to add a comment pinned to an image would be huge!!

But also, the ability to move an image to a sub-task for deeper discussion.

The function to # an attachment that when hovered would reveal a thumbnail and when clicked, open. This would allow easy commenting on particular attachments without scrolling up and down the comment box.


@mikealfonseca I am a project manager for a record label and work with producers and our designers. When i built out our Asana projects I spent a lot of time trying out different systems. I settled on this:

There is a main art assets task which contains subtasks for each format or part of the release. For example, the main task has broad info on the project as Gdoc links to copy and templates attached. We have top level discussions of the release in the comments and only use the description for final directions.

The subtasks contain finer details about each part, for example an LP jacket, LP book, CD book etc. We have one subtasks for each part and all drafts and changes go in there, with the designer saving PDFs and upload them with a 1, 2, 3 etc in the file name to show which version we’re on.

For mockups, I have producers use a free app called Skitch (which I loved in my Evernote days) and with that, anything that is difficult to explain with words, we use images with mark ups. Makes life very easy. If fact, I used Skitch to do these screen grabs.

We save a template of this and use it for all of our projects. And sharing only the art tasks with our designers main project allows us to see what his work load is like and give due dates so he can stay focused on what’s most needed.

Hope that helps!


Thanks @Patrick
Very useful suggestions. Like you I’m trying to find out the best way to use asana for the kind of workflow we have.