preview design file in subtask created by Add Feedback button

I wanted to submit a comment regarding a recent update to the “Add Feedback” feature. I’m an art director on a team of designers, and we use Asana to upload artwork in the form of PDFs/JPGs/PNGs, then use the “Add Feedback” button to provide edits, approval, etc.

My understanding is that the way this feature used to work was that any subtask created with the “Add Feedback” button would preview/link to the design file that includes the feedback for reference. Our team really loved that set up!

It seems with a recent update, that design file is no longer included/linked in the subtask. Instead, designers have to navigate back to the parent task to view the file.

I thought I would pass along that we do prefer this feature functioning the way it has in the past. Thank you!

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Welcome, and thanks, @Megan_Chandler-Melto. Don’t forget to add your own vote at the top of the thread using the purple Vote button.


Thanks, Larry! This is my first post. I appreciate the pointer. :slight_smile:

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