Coming soon: Asana redesign to help you find what you need quickly and easily

Hmm… That’s not a view I have, unfortunately.

Hi @Laura28, judging from your screenshot, it looks like you are in Board view. Unfortunately, you can only use the filters in @lpb 's screenshot above, in the List view.

This discrepancy between varying filter options between List & Board views has also been reported here: New: multi-sort, multi-filter and reverse sort on List and Board views! - #43 by Rotem_Yarkoni


Thanks, @Richard_Sather, for looking much more closely than I did! (I deleted my most misleading post.)



Good improvements. Thanks!

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Looks great, love the simplification. Slightly ironic request then - will the sidebar still be limited to 22 characters or can adjust the sidebar to be wider?

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Hi @Tim_Clear , welcome to the forum :wave:

Yes, you will be able to adjust the sidebar :slight_smile:
Have a look at my post here and the below guide for all the things to expect:
:white_check_mark: Ultimate Guide to the new Sidebar redesign: Get your team prepared!

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Ahhh, superb! :+1: Such a small thing but also a big thing. Thanks for the link, as I’m new to the forum


Very exciting! I can’t wait to use all the new features.


I gotta say, nothing wakes me up better in the morning then a solid block of swiss cheese. Very delicious! 10/10, would recommend.

This is great! :partying_face:
Will there be any changes to the mobile experience?


What is the status of this update, and when will it be available to everyone?

Hello @Goran_Milic, we’re still in the testing phase. We hope to roll this update out to all customers in the next few weeks. I will post an update eon this thread as soon as that’s the case!


The new sidebar menu design was just released to our organization, and we love it! Great work Asana. :clap:

I have the new side bar and my projects have been DELETED and I only have 10. NOT 10 that I picked but Asana selected.
This is client work that is GONE. 1000s of hours!!! WHY???
There was no letting me select which 10 projects! This is NOT COOL!!!

Hi @Holly_Weidman , welcome to the forum :wave:
Have you had a chance to look at your ‘Starred’ section in the sidebar? This used to be your ‘Favorites’ section where you likely had the projects you are looking for.

You can read more about the changes in a post I created to help teams prepare for the new sidebar redesign here: ✅ Ultimate Guide to the new Sidebar redesign: Get your team prepared!

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I hope this is just because @Holly_Weidman can’t find them rather than her projects having been deleted. Thought I have to say that I would only be half surprised if this is actually the case. Asana’s control and testing of new features are very questionable.

Good luck Holly.

@Richard_Sather Sorry but this is a very unsatisfying answer. I use favorites for my key projects but do you know how many projects my company uses on a daily basis and how many teams we have created to sort things the best we could? This would be impossible to work with all those projects as favourite but it would also be impossible or very difficult to work if they were not there sorted in the sidebar.
The starred section is clearly not a one fit all solution…

I have been reading “the guide” a few times and I’m still worried about this change coming as I know it won’t fit my company’s real needs and will require 50 people to learn again new processes to work with Asana. I’m glad some people are welcoming open harm to those changes, believe that not everybody does… unfortunately.

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Hi @Davy_Dadou , I think you have misread my reply to @Holly_Weidman . I was not implying that the ‘Starred’ section should be used for all projects. It still remains to be used as the ‘Favorites’ section was, so I’m just simply pointing that out.

I can empathise that your company has numerous teams and projects that you will no longer see at first glance by having them all expanded in the sidebar. But I support Asana’s design choice as this is a step forward towards a cleaner sidebar with less clutter and endless scrolling through expanded Teams. I personally always had all Teams collapsed so the flyout menus are now a bonus, but that is just my personal experience.

Every change can be challenging and I’m sure that this one will be no exception. I am simply offering advice and support to make it a little easier. I have spent the past weeks providing the same to all my clients that are raising the same questions. It will take some time for everyone to adapt, but that is expected.


Hello Richard,
No, I’ve reviewed all of the side bar.
Starrd has three projects.
But under neither has the actual list of other projects.
Only 10 exist and all my others are deleted, gone, and I’m very upset by this. It represents so much work for me and for clients!!!


@Holly_Weidman While I understand this update shook up your personal organization, I’m confident your projects haven’t been deleted, they’re just not visible from your sidebar anymore, which I can understand is confusing at first. Have you tried to search for them via the Search bar? Do you see any results there?

I also see you reached out to our support team. Could you send another email at with examples of projects you cannot locate? If you could provide a couple of titles, our team will be able to search for them and figure out how you can access them again.