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Testing out Asana to see if it is a good fit for my needs. I have loaded in 2 projects with various sections and tasks. My issue is that 1 project sorts nicely by priority (high/low…) from the default Asana column but the other board will not sort, no matter how many different priorities i input. this board will sort with the status column just fine. i have even tried to create a copy of the the priority column but that doesnt work either and i cant delete it because its part of a template.

anyone know either what i may be doing wrong or how to fix it?

Hi @tkg and thanks for your question :wave:

Just a hint, but you may check that you are saving the settings after you configure the sorting/filters (on top right)

Please let me know if that helped.

If the problem is different, you might consider sharing a screenshot of the project with the weird behavior (without private data).

thanks for the quick response. its not that i cant save it, its that the sorting function does not work. there is something broken. i think i am going to have to build the project all over again because its the only project board that will not function

the only way to solve it was build the board all over again, something was corrupted

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@tkg sorry you experienced this issue, but glad it got sorted.

You could always let asana support team know as this could have been a bug.

Asana Support - Help Center • Asana

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