Columns do not move as directed

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Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: When attempting to move a new column in a project, the column either does not move at all (when I click ‘move left’), or a different column moves to a random place (when I try to drag to sort). I don’t need a resolution, because when I refresh the browser, organizing does work. Mostly wanted to share as an fyi! Thanks!

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create new column
  • Try to move it by dragging
  • Try to move it by clicking ‘move left’
  • Refresh browser
  • After refreshing browser, it does work :slight_smile:

Browser version: Chrome

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)? Business


I hope I’m not reopeing the ticket here by responding; but I just want to say that I’m facing the exact same issue (as well as multiple clients we are working on).

After playing a round with Custom Fields, at some point, they don’t behave as expected and refreshing the browser is needed.


Thanks for the heads up! @Arthur_BEGOU the person above has deleted their forum account, so I can’t contact them anymore.

Are you still able to reproduce? If so, can you tell me what browser (+ version) you’re using? If you have a screengrab you can share via DM, I’ll take it too. Thanks

Hi @Marie :wave:

Ok, I think I’ve found the pattern.

The bug happens when I remove a Custom Field from the project.
After that, for certain columns, the drag & drop doesn’t work properly anymore (until page refresh).

Version = Browser / Chrome Windows (last version) - Windows

Please see .gif (heavy size)

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Thanks for the report folks, I’ve filed this bug and will circle back here once I have more info :slight_smile:

I’ve also noticed this the past week or so. It seems to happen when you either add or remove a custom field, and then in List view when you try to move the columns left/right, strange things happen as per @Arthur_BEGOU 's description.

I’m also having this issue. The columns won’t move where I want them to by either dragging or dropping or trying to use the move right or move left options. Sometimes if I leave and come back it will work but if I leave the project none of my changes have saved and my columns are out of order again. Also i’ve tried to hide the due date column and every time I come back it’s no longer hidden?

Hi there! Wanted to share that I am also experiencing this issue as previously described.

Hello there :wave: Quick update to let you know this issue has been fixed by our team :slight_smile:


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