Can't move tasks between columns

Hi, I have just created my Asana account - the free version for the moment as I am just learning the basics. On the Boards how-to video it shows that tasks can be dragged between columns and that columns can be moved to change their order. I can do neither, which is obviously a fundamental problem when wanting to move tasks along the different stages. Have I somehow set it up wrong, or is this functionality that’s not available in the free version?


I’ve just discovered I can move both tasks and columns in iPad, but not on PC. Any idea why? I have the Board tab selected at the top.

Bizarrely it has now decided to work on my PC, so this topic can be closed.

Hi @Craig_Dessoy; Michael from the Asana support team here :wave:

Typically when you experience wonky behavior in Asana, as a preliminary first step, we encourage you to follow the troubleshooting tips at the following link.

More often than not,the clearing of your cache (or testing if it works in incognito mode) helps us eliminate browser issues (as opposed to a system bug).

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the tips, Michael.

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Anytime @Craig_Dessoy; that’s what we’re here for!

I am having this issue, I have cleared the cache, it worked fine this morning, so no idea why it isn’t working now?