Colors of sections in Gantt view

The Gantt view groups tasks by sections (using section header) and assigns colors per “Color” option in the toolbar.

One of color options is “Section”. But I could not find a way to assign colors to sections. The colors are assigned to sections automatically using the order of sections in the Gantt / List views.

Hence questions:

  1. Can the specific color be assigned to a section?
  2. Can the default theme can be changed? The current / default theme utilizes colors, which I (and other members of the team) may find irritating; and thos colors are not contract enough to differentiate.


PS: I am using Asana for literally 1 days total, so this is a question from a newby - but I am evaluating key features, in which Gantt and WBS are key elements, and I start evaluation of every PM tool based on how good it works with WBS use cases.

Welcome, @Vadim_K,

You can only alter colors by choosing a single-select custom field in the Color setting menu; sorry.

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