Coffee talk: what topics do you want us to cover in future trainings?

Hello Community! Our team wants to do everything we can to help you be successful with Asana, and that includes giving you the trainings you need. As we build out our trainings roadmap, we’re interested in your feedback on what topics you’d like us to cover in future trainings. Please let us know what particular topics, big or small, you’d like to know more about and we’ll do our best to create content that meets your needs! cc @Kristen, who you’ll recognize from Asana’s 101, 102, and 103 trainings :slight_smile:

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I could see a lot of opportunity for Reporting or what I would better describe “Data Mining Your Companies Use of Asana”

  1. Using Basic Search
  2. Using Advanced Search- With all the features this could be a couple sessions
  3. Saved Searches
    A. What saved searches each individuals needs
    B. What saved searches middle management needs
    C. What saved searches senior management may use
    D. Saved search for workflow management
    E. Saved searches for task dependencies
  4. Using Asana’s Dashboard efficiently to keep people informed
  5. When and how to produce hard copy reports
    A. Google Sheets
    B. CSV Files
    C. Printouts of Advanced Searches
  6. How using custom fields and tags can produce reports, ie KPI’s
  7. . Third Party Reporting
    A. General descriptions of third party reporting tools at
    Asana Apps and Integrations • Asana

I think getting the best information out of Asana through the use of Reporting is important to capitalize on its strengths in collaboration. I also believe reporting helps people who are not using Asana be better informed and understand its strengths.


Power, Privilege and Access
From the substantial amount of questions on the boards I think this would be a great seminar or video.

  1. Who are Members and what can they do
  2. Who are Limited Members and what can they do
  3. Who is a guest and what can they do
  4. Public Projects
  5. Private Projects
  6. What do I want my guests to see and do
  7. How can I be sure who is seeing my Teams and Projects
  8. How can I be sure that my Teams and Projects are only seen by who I want
  9. Ways of granting membership to Teams and Projects
  10. What can collaborators see based on status of Projects and Teams
  11. Who takes my membership seats; Free versus Premium
  12. Who takes my membership seats; Organizations versus Workspaces
  13. Premium Teams and Projects within a free work-space or organization

Good idea @James_Carl :slight_smile:

Another topic that could be useful for trainings: clarify who receives what? and when?

There are several locations to setup the notifications we receive in the inbox and my collaborators often need clarifications on that.

For instance I often get question like: “My colleague Anne created a conversation, and Paul answered, but I didn’t not see Paul’s answer in my Inbox. Why ?”

Then, a summary on that could be very useful:

  • Where can I set up the notifications I get? (by email? in the Inbox? as a team member? as a project member?)
  • What do we receive by default?
  • What do you receive when a conversation begins?
  • Why should I or someone else add myself as a collaborator?
  • How to add/remove myself as a collaborator from the Inbox?
  • Advices on how to explain that to the collaborators so that they undertand what they will receive and won’t miss needed information.

@Phil_Birri perhaps you have some ideas what kind of trainings would be good for Asana users in the tourism industry in Switzerland


Hi @Alexis

I’d like to see some training on the advantages, disadvantages and differences between lists and boards for various types of projects. I tend to default to lists, mostly because there’s a bit more flexibility and, visually, I prefer the layout. But I’m sure there are certain types of projects that lend themselves particularly well to boards. It would be great to see a detailed breakdown of that topic.



Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your thoughtful replies! It’s super helpful to hear what types of trainings you would all find useful, especially since those of you who have commented are already Asana experts.

@James_Carl - I love your idea of creating a training focused on reporting. We do find that a lot of Asana users aren’t aware of the power of Advanced Search and would love to show users how everyone on the team can benefit from search reports. As for your idea about what members can see and/or do in Asana - this is already on my Training Roadmap project for the year so stay tuned!

@Julien_RENAUD - Great idea! Something like a beginner’s guide to Asana. I usually reference new users to our Asana lessons as I think this is a great way to understand the basics, but I do also see the value of making it into a training.

@Mark_Hudson - We’ve had this idea about a boards vs. lists training on our roadmap for awhile but haven’t executed on it yet. Hopefully, we’ll add this to our new training platform soon!


@Sebastian_Paasch, of course.
Since we lunched Asana in our company one of my most challenge is to support my collegues by structure questions. They are used to work with complex project structures ( matrix organisation). So they don’t see the simple way with asana.
Perhaps it would be possible to show them:

*how complex structures can be build in Asana
*Which tools can help you to keep the overview

Thx and greetz from Switzerland


Hi @Phil_Birri, thanks for the suggestion! I would also love to see a training about how to move your current workflow processes, for example, matrix organizations, into Asana. We are planning on creating many new courses this year and I will try my best to get something like this up! Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

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I wish I could give this 10 “Hi Fives” Thanks for articulating what I was thinking!

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