"Asana Citizen Training:" The self-paced, in-Asana way for your organization to learn Asana right

Announcing Asana Citizen Training, a proprietary training solution now available from Trilogi Solutions/Larry Berger (Asana Services Partner, Technology Partner, Forum Leader, Event Leader).


  • Learn Asana in your Asana environment–by actually using Asana–at your own pace.
  • Go through tasks in a single Asana 101 project with 12 short sections with timings in a little over 2 hours total, either all at once or 30 minutes daily for a week, then you’re an Asana Citizen!
  • The Asana 101 tasks are made up of both my own proprietary material integrated with curated Asana videos and other learning resources.
  • A half dozen unique supporting reference projects are also supplied on topics including Best Practices when to Asana vs. email, chat, and other related apps, and advanced Asana topics.
  • Suitable both for those brand new to Asana (no instruction necessary) and for existing Asana users looking to level up.
  • Track your entire team’s training progress with a simple included dashboard.
  • This is the quickest, most efficient, cost-effective way I know of for an organization to adopt Asana usage and gain its true benefits.

After completing Asana Citizen Training, your team will have the ability to very effectively use Asana to do your work and not slow each other down. Your team will achieve, and appreciate the value of, strong collaboration in Asana.

Contact us or PM me here if you are interested in this solution for your team or if you have any questions.

Thank you,