Cleaner activity notifications on email replies with attachments

It would be nice if Asana became smarter in handling update events via email, when attachments arrives via a single email update.

Currently, when someone replies via email, and the reply contain attachments, Asana will create a new event for each attachment, in addition to the event containing the reply comment itself.

In our use case, its extra frustrating since the attachments holds no meaning at all, its just images parsed from company signatures. So, lots of meaningless events are spamming our activity logs.

Here is an excerpt from a typical email reply, to illustrate this, 6 events for a single email reply:

If Asana could merge any attachments events into the main reply comment event when attachments arrives as part of an email reply, that would help us in these situations to combat spam-like updates.

We don’t request a rework of attachments and their events for the Task pane, but instead propose that Asana makes the public activity less cluttered when attachments arrives as part of an email reply.

We think this would be useful to any company that has users that replies via email.


Here is a example when this might happen, company logo contain attachments, and results in:

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I’ve just started noticing this, too. It would be great if Asana could insert a “Reply Above This Line” marker so that everything below (like signatures) is ignored.

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We have this issue as well. Even if the notification of the activity could just be delayed in some way so that a separate email was not sent for every attachment (in our case usually email signatures) this would be helpful.

This is becoming a big nuisance!

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This is the email that I just had to send to my team, “I’ve found several workarounds to prevent excessive Asana notifications; however, the best workaround is probably to stop using email until Asana fixes this issue.” ;-(