Churches or Non-Profits using Agile Method in Asana

We are considering moving to an agile project management approach for our key initiatives. Is there any church or non-profit users out there who are using Agile Methodology & Asana? I would love to connect with you and ask a few questions.

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Welcome to the community, @Michele_Kassa. I think Asana can definitely be helpful in your case. There are some setup to be done for implementing Agile. What plan Basic, Premium, Business) will you be using?

Hi @Michele_Kassa,

There are many examples of projects in Asana being structured to align with Agile project management approaches. I recommend you take a look at @Shannon_McNeil’s post called “Tips for Agile in Asana”, which I know you’ll find helpful.

I’ve also included some additional resources below.

Hope these help!

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Thank you very much for these resources! I will check into them.

We are on premium version. I am trying to see if there are similar organizations to us that are doing it, and then how Asana is used in that workflow.

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@Michele_Kassa - I just recently built a scheme in Asana to apply the AGILE methodology to our annual priorities. I’d be happy to share and walk you through what I have put together.

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That would be great Jerod! Can you email me