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Howdy all! I wanted to start this thread to see if there are any churches out there using Asana well. If you are, I would love to hear how you are integrating Asana into things like Member Care, Church Management Software, or any other things that let Asana shine. I’m looking forward to your answers!

Hey there @aggiejames! I don’t work for a church at the moment, but I currently work at an NGO and got my “sea-legs” at a church in CA. What other software out there have you considered either instead of Asana, or in supplement to Asana? The strength of Asana can also be it’s biggest downside – it’s pretty ambiguous and flexible, which allows you to create pretty much anything you can think of. If you don’t mind fleshing out a few more of your thoughts, I’d love to help give ideas on how to use Asana!

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Interesting enough I am implementing Asana at our church of about 1000 attendees now. I had my first meeting with the Accounting Manager yesterday and we white boarded the structure. I am attaching although it is just a start. The accounting department already uses it heavily with great success. Notice how I am identify reoccuring tasks versus non-reoccuring task. There will be lots of discussion on the use of sub-tasks which is a prime area for Member Care and follow-up. In addition the plan is to have a strategic plan project in each department that feeds to a strategic plan team by having shared Teams. I also plan on adopting the Rockefeller Habits book for red-yellow-green in a custom field for staff meeting using an Advanced Search to conduce weekly meeting on a big screen TV with dynamic updates… I will continue to keep you informed on how it takes off.

I have helped a number of Asana organizations including my church, my own consulting business, an oil and gas exploration company etc. A few of them I am in their organization. During my 33 year CFO career I implemented collaborative software throughout our company for at least 4 years. That is why I am so irritating :slight_smile: about little things like expand/collapse etc, file system etc. I used a package called Workzone but found Asana to be much simpler yet powerful. I hope you don’t mind when I post suggestions on the board. I really think that Asana needs to build out some fairly comprehensive demo illustrations and really target strategic planning and execution using systems such as Rhythm Systems and the

Your software is ideally suited for Green-Red-Yellow status for weekly meetings etc with custom fields and tags. File System needs some work. Alexis, I am paying out of my pocket for a new Asana integration that you will see in the next month that I am excited about.



@johnschuster I love your enthusiasm! How did you use Asana at your church and how does that compare to how you’re using Asana in your current role at the NGO? And I know what you mean about Asana’s many capabilities being daunting. Sounds like a good theme for a thread! Advice for becoming an Aasna expert…by taking baby steps.

@JCarl, the spreadsheet you attached is….beautiful! I commend you on your use of color coordination and granularity. I think that granularity is key to mastering the intricacies of Asana. Also, it seems like outlining things in Excel would facilitate a much easier transition for folks who are having trouble understanding how to use Asana or who are used to using something like Excel for task management.

This spreadsheet and the screenshot you provide are especially helpful to me as I learn how our customers are using Asana. You mention that you’re currently implementing this. Have you used this system to implement Asana with anyone else before? What was your logic for creating this structure? And finally, have you thought of creating an additional/alternative outline of this structure that lives within Asana? Could be a great way to literally demonstrate how an outline in Excel can easily translate into structure in Asana! :smiley:

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@Alexis, I can’t see that @James_Carl has attached anything to his post. Is it private?

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Here was the initial outline and one example of Accounting Weekly


Weekly Accounting Duties

Message me if you have any questions.


Thank you for the post suggestion with pictures @James_Carl
I’m a startup who stumbled across this platform and recently am trying to onboard VAs and two local team members Currently we have been using the ROCK habits 90 days goals. And i would have paid for such a template as I’m still figuring out how to connect it all.

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Hi @James_Carl , I was wondering if you could share a screenshot of what your “Green-Red-Yellow Status Meeting” screen looks like in Asana for your weekly meetings, and how those meetings are run using Asana.

Also, after the meeting, are meeting notes sent out, and if so, do you somehow incorporate Asana content into those notes?

No one wants to do double work, so Iʻm looking for best practices for efficency, but still tracking down tasks and decisions from meetings.

Thank you!

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