Chrome browser extension


Anyone have experience with the browser extension from Chrome? Not too clear on it. I open it, selected a workspace and added a task. I have multiple projects in my workspace, so I guess there is no way to direct it to a project from the extension?

It can be cool for personal projects I suppose.


I have used it a lot and it does not prompt for a project or team. Both things we added in


It’s basically for quick-notes or tasks that you can then pop into my tasks and add to projects or reassign or elaborate on. It’s very basic, but I don’t think I would like something overly complex for a quick-add tasks extension like this.


Thanks! I dont use outlook. I use Apple mail and am in the middle of a Polymail trial.


Thanks for the response and your POV!


NP, at first I was a little bummed that it was so simple, but then I realized that I actually prefer it that way. Similar to how I never build out full tasks using the orange quick-add in asana. I always do it quickly, then elaborate once I go to the full task window.


Maybe because I am a CPA I tend to be very detailed ( Type AAA) I like to accomplish everything at once so the addition of Team and Project keeps me from having to go back and rethink when I know why I am deciding to clip. Same thing in Evernote. No right answer, more of style and preference.