Change Weekends [Grey Days] in Timeline View According To First Day of Week


Opening up a topic that was previously closed but unresolved.

When changing the the first day of the week in the settings, the timeline view does not reflect the chosen start date. The grey days are not aligned with the start date chosen.

In Middle Eastern countries our weekends are Fri - Sat.
This issue is causing us a lot of inconvenience on a daily basis using Asana.

Please help :slight_smile:

Yes! I definitely agree, its such a hassle - Please let me know once you have a solution from Asana.

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Yes please—adjusting this will make Asana much more inclusive to different work weeks around the world!

Hello Asana,

As a platform that aims to target entrepreneurs worldwide, your interface must be supportive of that. Your goal is to make project management streamlined and efficient. However, its not efficient nor easy to use when the week does not start on the correct day for the user! Assuming that all countries around the word have the same weekend is ignorant and borderline discriminant. Weekdays starting on the right day for the paying user should be a given!

We hope Asana could be more inclusive to the global user and that this request is taken seriously.

Hi folks,

I can confirm this feature was implemented, so if it is not working as expected, it is most likely a bug. I seem to be able to reproduce this issue, so moving this thread to the our #bugs:in-progress category and escalating a bug report to our team.


Hi Marie,

Yes I’ve seen your response on the previously closed topic about it being implemented however there was a comment after it by someone who is facing the same issue that I am having as well as the rest of the people on this thread.

I have spoken to one of your customer support this week about this issue and they confirmed that they themselves were not able to change the greyed out days. Which is why I don’t consider this issue a solved issue.

It has been pending since the first complaint about it back in October 2018. I don’t think a minor issue like this needs more than 2 years to be resolved…

Would appreciate your speedy action with this.


I’ve escalated a bug. I’ll be in touch as soon as I have an update on my end. Thanks!

Hi all and thanks for your patience. I worked with our team and can confirm this feature is working as expected - but there was a little confusion on how to set it up due to what everyone means by “the first day of the week” across the world.

  • In the US “the first day of the week” = “second weekend day” (which is Sunday for most people) → so if you set “Sunday” as your first day of the week, you will see Saturday and Sunday greyed out on your Timelines.

  • In Europe and I believe in other parts of the world including middle east countries “the first day of the week” = “First working day” (which is Monday in most European countries and Sunday in middle east countries).

Asana operates on the US model, meaning that “the first day of the week” = “second weekend day” With that in mind, here is how you should set your profile settings to get the right weekend days greyed out in your Timeline:

If your weekend is on In your profile settings, you should set the first day of the week to
Friday + Saturday Saturday
Saturday + Sunday Sunday
Sunday + Monday Monday

I have added a note to Change Weekends in Calendar/Timeline View According To First Day of Week - #40 to clarify this too, so hopefully everyone can get set up correctly :slight_smile:

I’m moving this post to #bugs:closed but let me know if you have any follow questions!

Hi Marie,

We have discovered this work-around of setting the first day of the week as the second weekend day however this option is not a solution because it might work for the timeline but just messes up the calendar view and specifically when we click weekend off/on. It still collapses our Sunday, considering it a ‘weekend’.

I find it funny that Asana considers ‘the first day of the week’ as the ‘second weekend day’ but then in the calendar when talking about ‘weekends’ it follows the actual definition of a ‘weekend’.

We are just asking for it to be consistent across the whole platform even if your definition to certain words is different.

Appreciate your prompt action with this.

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Hi @Dalal,

I appreciate the feedback, we’ve received similar comments from other community members and will take it on board for future updates. I’ll keep you posted when I have an update on this front!