Change Weekends in Calendar/Timeline View According To First Day of Week

@Marie @Marie pleeeeeeeeeeeease!

Its a BASIC feature to request and yet its been 2 years since the post created!

i would even argue its a bug currently in the calendar view since its not functioning correctly!! @devs???

Hi @Marie,

I am evaluating the Asana Business product for our company based in Dubai and we work very visually on other calendaring products with a week-view that starts on Sunday. Here in the UAE our week starts on Sunday and we would like to have this feature as soon as possible.

Its bugged in Calendar view and even in due date window, it grays it out altho i made Sunday my first day of the week… @Marie


When changing my first day of the week to Sunday, the calendar view and due dates are grayed out and not adjusting visually to Sunday being the first day, it stays on Monday.

In the calendar view you have to click on Sunday cell (which enables weekends: on) and it’s a huge mess by itself. This is not a proper workaround and I think its a bug to a feature we in the MENA region at least need since our workdays Sunday --> Thursday. Thanks.

Hi @imeish, thanks for sharing your feedback.

You are right, you can currently set your first day of the week as Sunday in your profile settings. This option reorganize your calendar and move Sunday to the first column. We are currently tracking feedback to improve this option on this thread Change Weekends in Calendar View According To First Day of Week .

Apologies for any inconvenience, I’ve sent this feedback to our team in charge of the Voice of the Customer Program and I’ll keep the thread updated as soon as I have more information. I’ve also merge your thread with the existing request to avoid duplicates, I hope you don’t mind!

Let me know if you have any questions!


Any update on this issue? it really is causing some troubles creating tasks and deadlines

This is still an issue. Weekends Off still shows Monday - Friday despite my weekday start being set to Sunday. It should show Sunday - Thursday. We should be able to set our work week.

Any update? This makes it very difficult to recommend as a user from MENA region.


I also suffer from the same issues, changing the First day of the week to Sunday doesn’t trigger any changes to the Calendar and Timeline sections.
Please resolve ASAP.


~3 years to add support for weekends not starting on Sat? Super eager to learn what your PM/Dev team are working on that they’re so packed a 1d feature isn’t possible to squeeze in after 3 years.


Next month (Oct-2020) this request will have two years since originally posted. Yes, two years! What a record.


Can we have this requested feature, please?

We were in a big debate between using ASANA over Trello.

Specially for this feature it makes a lot of difference and it has a huge impact on how we manage our company’s projects.

I’d say this out lout, TRELLO Wins !!

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Please add this BASIC feature!

Upvoting this feature request

Hi folks and thank you so much for sharing your feedback.

I’m excited to announce that the Timeline now respects the “first day of the week” you have selected in your Profile settings :tada: This new update is already available to all our customers, so if you haven’t yet, open your project timelines to check it out :slight_smile:

This update is currently only available on Timeline (we’re yet to implement it on the calendar view), but I hope you enjoy this first update. I’m keeping this thread open and will post an update here as soon as this option is rolled out on the calendar view!


Hi Marie,

As someone who works Sun - Thurs I’m excited to see this feature being rolled out. Unfortunately though the timeline doesn’t work as expected. When I set the first day of the week as ‘Sun’ the timeline shows Sat/Sun greyed out instead of Fri/Sat.
If I change my first day to ‘Sat’ then the timeline looks as I expect but this then messes up the view I get when setting a due date for a task. Something here is messed up on the backend, please fix it!


Hi @Sam_Potashnick, cousl you please forward some screenshots to our support team so we can take a closer look into this? Many thanks for your help!

Hi all,

Just wanted to clarify something as “the first day of the week” doesn’t mean the same to everyone in the world :slight_smile:

  • In the US “the first day of the week” = “second weekend day” (which is Sunday for most people) → so if you set “Sunday” as your first day of the week, you will see Saturday and Sunday greyed out on your Timelines.

  • In Europe and I believe in other parts of the world including middle east countries “the first day of the week” = “First working day” (which is Monday in most European countries and Sunday in middle east countries).

Asana operates on the US model, meaning that “the first day of the week” = “second weekend day” With that in mind, here is how you should set your profile settings to get the right weekend days greyed out in your Timeline:

If your weekend is on In your profile settings, you should set the first day of the week to
Friday + Saturday Saturday
Saturday + Sunday Sunday
Sunday + Monday Monday

I hope this helps!