First day of the week



Hello there,

We started using Asana recently, and however the overview page shows Monday as the first day of the week, the modal window when setting a due date is Sunday.
Can this be fixed?


Include better global default settings for Show Weekends and First Day of Week
Option to change Week-dates to start on Monday instead of Sunday
Calendar Options
Calendar Options

This could also be added as a setting (like in some other programs). Basically a drop down in which you can select the day on which you want to start the week.


@David_Kinoranyi If I’m understanding you correctly - we have a workaround. It’s not too obvious, but you can just click the little column to the left of Monday in calendar view in order to view Sunday. Each time you open the calendar, you’ll need to click open the Sunday column. But at least it’s there :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Alexis is there also a workaround for the modal view? I’m used to having Monday as the first day of the week.

I would love to have a Setting like “First Day of the Week” with a dropdown with Monday, Tuesday, … , Sunday. :pray:


There isn’t an option to change the first day of the week in your full calendar drop down at this time. If it’s important to you, you can always suggest it in the product feedback category :slight_smile:


@Alexis I thought this is the product feedback category. Is this not the proper way you want to collect feedback (upvoting the topic and replying)? If not, please point me in the right direction.


Hey, I would also appreciate to use a calendar view starting by monday! Thank you.


I would love to have first day of week to be Sunday


@iftach you mean Monday? it is already Sunday isn’t it?


Right, it’s Sunday, but it’s pretty weird, since if you have a look at the popup like @Johannes_Deml said, you can see the Saturday and Sunday are greyed out and are not marked as working day.
Our working days are Sunday-Thursday.


You work on Sunday? Where are you from? :slight_smile:


Israel. Here we start the week on Sunday.


Awesome I did not know :hugs: and free days are friday-saturday?


Yep :slight_smile:


Forgive me, @Johannes_Deml! :sweat_smile: I must have gotten distracted. You did everything correctly - my apologies for the confusion.


Yes, please allow Monday as first day of the week!

This is how China (and maybe other countries) views the week, and me too :slight_smile:


Hello, yes, it’d be great to be able to customise the day starting the week (on Monday or any other preferred day), as the users in this thread are suggesting. Monday is the standard first day of the week in most of Western Europe. Thanks!


Yes, would be nice to have a choice because for them who get used to Monday as the start of the week it’s very confusing to find the date in the calendar.


Hi there!
Is there any update on this?
I also work from Sunday to Thursday, and though the calendar does show Sunday as the first day, it is greyed out which is confusing.


Please allow Mondays as first day of the week.