Toggle for Sunday as end of week

In the Calendar view i would love a toggle that allows you to make Sunday be the end of the week (appear on the right side of the screen) and Monday to appaear as the first day of the week on the left. I think the way it is now is good as a default, but since I work on the weekends I usually stack all of my weekly goals / epics to be completed on sunday (not saturday).

People who work on the weekends rarely think of Sunday as the first day of the week, so the current layout makes it harder to plan sprints that start on Monday and end on Sunday.

There’s already a setting for this! Just go to your profile settings, and under ‘Display’ you can select if you want the first day of the week to be Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.



Wow that’s excellent. Thank you! Asana is the greatest!

Here is a tip under the display section:

Thanks Jess, Somehow during a recent update, this got reset and I’ve been making all sorts of mistakes on my dates due to Asana was reset to Monday as first day. Not what I’m used to. I finally found your solution after a couple of months of frustration.