Cant login in Community Forum

Why I try to login in Community Forum it says ‘Login Error: Account login timed out, please try logging in again.’

Steps to reproduce:
Go to Report a Bug - Asana Community Forum, click login. See the error.
Tried in different browsers & incognito

Browser version:
Chrome (latest)

Upload screenshots below:

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Welcome to the Forum @Lars3 and thank you for taking time to report this!

Let me see if we can work on this together.

The reason why you are experimenting this Login error issue in the Community is because you don’t have a primary email address set up in Asana. This is also the reason why you land in your “My Profile Settings” every time you Log into Asana.

To solve this, you would need to contact our Support Team following these steps, and request them to set up your email address as your Primary Email Address.

Unfortunately, due to security reasons, we can’t resolve it via the Forum but as soon as you contact Support, ping me on this thread and I’ll make sure to Liaise with them.

Please note, that I have closed the other Bug report since they are related to the same issue. This way, we can concentrate in one thread. I hope it’s OK!

Hope this helps Lars! Looking forward to your reply!


I’m contacting them now! Thanks!