Can't enable browser notifications in Firefox

Hello, I have the same problem with FF. Cannot set browser notifications, because I dont even see them in My Profile Setting/Notification tab. There is only email to be set for notifications. FF is set to pass trough all the notification requests for Asana. What should I do?

Regards, Sebastian

Hi @Bast and sorry for the trouble there!

I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to a new thread to be able to follow-up more easily on it.

Can you confirm if you can reproduce this issue with a private window? If so, can you share a screenshot including your full browser window? (Make sure to block out any info)

I usually work with Chrome, but just logged into my account via Firefox and I can see the option for browser notifications (see below).

Looking forward to yoru reply!

Hi @Marie, I tried with private window but it’s still the same (see screen). I also checked on other computer and everythig is ok there. So it seems like it my FF problem. I will let you know when I can solve it.

@Marie I found the solution. Just had to change my cookies&history policy a little bit and put the asana on “white list”. I also had to allow new notifications requests to be send. Anyway, problem solved :wink:


Well played @Bast and thank you so much for sharing the solution with us!

CCing @Natalia, @Phil_Seeman in case this question pops up again in the Forum :slight_smile: