Can't create sections in other user's view?

Some people in our org don’t use Asana but have accounts. In managing projects with these people I assign Asana tasks to them so I can track the work. Historically I created sections in these users view, but I recently found Tab+N doesn’t work when viewing someone else and Create Section is greyed out. Did this feature get disabled? We’re considering transitioning to the for pay version, will for pay version give me access to do this(create sections in someone else’s view)?

Hi @Eddie_Dawydiuk,

When you say “a user’s view”, I’ll assume you mean their “My Tasks” view - the list of all tasks assigned to them.

Assuming that’s correct, then yes, the behavior of that view did change fairly recently such that you can no longer create or manipulate sections in other users’ My Tasks views. (Paid or free account doesn’t make any difference here.) You can read about this change here:

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This is a nice feature, thanks for pointing that out!

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