Can't copy/paste a list of tasks anymore

Hi There, sorry if this is easy but over the past few years, basic Asana functions have been removed but this one is frustrating sorry.

I used to be able to select a list of items and copy them into a text file or email. But now, only the the last item selected is copied to the clipboard, despite everything in the list being selected. See attached…

1. Multiple items selected

2. One item gets pasted

How do we do this in Asana now?

Also, selecting text in Asana in general ,has become much more fiddly and complex over the years. Select/copy/paste text and creating task headlines super fast used to be an Asana super power!

You guys realise we need to copy/paste text in/out of Asana all day - right?

Any help much appreciated.

Software versions but it’s been increasingly bad for years…
MacOS 13.5
Chrome 117.0.5938.14


Instead of selecting as you showed, you have really multi-select like this:

If you do Cmd+C, then Shift+Cmd+V you’ll get all lines pasted:

Task 1
Task 2
Task 3
Task 4
Task 5



I still don’t understand how you’re doing that sorry. How are you selecting them?

It’s explained here:

Hi @ben_s

I tried replicating this, but I seem to have no problem copy/pasting items.

Try this: click the first subtask and then click the last one while holding SHIFT

Now paste wherever you need to