Cant choose my plan..

Hello! I would like to simply leave a small piece of feedback. I really like Asana and the possibilities it provides for strategic planning, and I would like to use the Asana Business plan because it allows setting goals, building roadmaps, and conveniently managing plans. Initially, I would like to use your service to increase my own productivity as the CEO of a small company, as well as for my personal life. Then, implement this tool within our company. However, since our company is still very small with only 3 employees, the price is unfortunately quite high for a user from Ukraine. Overall, even if we eventually expand our potential, the cost of $30 per user per month is still quite significant, as in order to effectively implement this tool, it is necessary to provide access to a fairly large number of employees. Perhaps for certain regions, you should consider adjusting your pricing policy a bit. Thank you for your attention, and I hope that this feedback will help you.