Make custom branding available to Premium and Business

Hi, we’re a startup, and paying customer. I find it to be un-equitable that you won’t allow us to upload our company logo to our version of Asana unless we upgrade to the next tier. Can we just be friends and let companies brand and appear to be the professionals we are working so hard to create?


Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us, @anon57069563! As it stands, custom branding is currently available in our Enterprise plan. I understand how this feature can be also beneficial for Premium and Business customers and I will send your feedback to our product team so it’s considered in future updates.

I’ve also gone ahead and updated the title to make it more specific to your request and other customers can easily find this request and upvote. I hope you don’t mind! Thanks again for your feedback.


Hi Emily,
How much does the Enterprise version cost?

The company i work for is also interested in custom branding is there any update on this yet?

This would be a great addition. As a small business marketing to larger accounts it would showcase a more professional look!


This would be a great feature to add to premium and business users!

This is heavily needed, Monday offers that feature in less advanced plans, you should match their offer


Ditto need it for lower tier paying plan.

Ditto. We need to decide between asana and Monday and while we prefer the asana feature set out CEO thinks it’s really important to have the company’s logo because we might have customers as guest users so she might opt.for Monday and that’s unfortunate (in my opinion).