Can't add or delete people/collaborators - get Asana needs to be reloaded ERROR

I was invited by a friend to work on a project. From there I started building out my personal projects. I invited a few freelancers to help me on these projects. It shows I have 12 collaborators on my home page, but half of them no longer help me. I need to delete them but I can’t figure out where or how. So that is my first question, where do I delete them? I read something about being the admin, how can I tell if I am the admin? I am afraid since I started using Asana under the project I used to work on that she might be the admin??? Second, when I go to add a new collabroator, I get this screen error. I went round and round with customer service on email and I got different answers a) i maximized my collabroators b) that the free personal asana is going away and they aren’t fixing an future bugs and c) that I needed to upgrade to be able to do this and d) that I needed to convert all my tasks to a new workspace which I could use some app to do this.

I don’t have time for creating anything new, I have way too many projects and tasks in the works.

so the bottom line is I need to delete old people and 2 add new people, how can I do this?

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: but is the error message screenshot above.

Steps to reproduce: going to profile, + invite teammates - then get error

Browser version: chrome Version 117.0.5938.132

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)? basic

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Lindsey_B sorry to hear about this trouble. Based on the error message, it does sound that you are trying to add users to your Personal Projects space. If so, Support is correct, unfortunately, Personal Projects is a very old type of Asana space, and we no longer support it.

We are advising all users who still have Personal Projects to move their work into a workspace, which is a better and newer version for personal use.

You don’t have to upgrade to create a workspace though, unless you wish to use paid features.

I’m closing this thread for now, but if you have any additional questions let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks, how do I migrate all the tasks, notes and correspondence over to a new workspace?

@Lindsey_B, Check if can access your Personal Projects and if so it’s been the most recommended tool for such migrations. Just read the caveats there.

CSV export/import is an option but it will lose a lot of info.



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