Can't add folowers via API

Hello. I have some qestions about your API. I want to add a collaborators to the task, when we integreated I used to send you the following request: for example \collaborators[0]=1235
but 2 weeks ago it broke. What changes have been in the API for installing the collaborators? or you have alternative how to add folower to all tasks and subtasks in our workspase?

Hey @Yevgen, thanks for reaching out. While we haven’t changed this endpoint, our API did move to Akka roughly 2 weeks ago. This might be the cause of the issue. Akka is more strict in rejecting bad data. For example, another user had a trailing “&” symbol in their request body which started failing after this switch. If any of your Asana requests are now failing that were working before, please share the full request and error message and we’ll take a look at them.

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