Cannot See Updates to Task

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
There are 3 tasks that I had updated this morning with comment and changes to other fields. Currently, I cannot see any of the updates I’ve made, HOWEVER others (with access to the task) can see my updates as well as other replies. I’ve tried using the web app on different browsers (Firefox and Chrome), clearing cookies, private browsing on Firefox, and I’ve tried the desktop app, all the same results. This leads me to believe the issue is somehow tied to my Asana account itself.

What’s more, this issue did not affect all of the tasks I updated this morning, only 3 of them (out of maybe 6 or 7). I did nothing unique or special with these tasks when updating.

Steps to reproduce:
Tested creating a new task and having a team member comment on it - after creating the task, tagging the teammate and adding them as a collaborator, I refreshed the Asana page. What I found was the task as if it was just made, only retraining the first letter in the title I gave it. It did not add my collaborators or retain my comment. And when I gave link to teammate and they requested access, have not received access request task.

Browser version:
Firefox (Latest), Chrome (Latest) (again, does not seem to be strictly browser issue)

Upload screenshots below:

Issue seems to have resolved itself… took a couple hours, but I am now able to see my previous updates, and new updates are immediately visible.