Cannot paste an image from clipboard in Edge browser on Windows 10

When pasting an image from the clipboard in Windows 10, nothing happens in Edge (pasting is possible via Chrome).

Browser version: 42.17134.1.0 Microsoft EdgeHTML 17.17134

Hi @Adam-Involute and thanks for reaching out! Sorry for the trouble here!

  1. The latest version of Edge on Windows 10 is 44.18362.1.0; would you mind updating your browser to the latest version and let me know if the issue persists?

  2. Could you also give it a go with a private window?

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi, @Marie!

  1. I updated to 44.18362.1.0, but pasting from the clipboard still has no result.
  2. Same in a private window. Ctrl-V and Paste from a right-click menu does nothing.

(For both cases, I switch to another app to confirm that there is something in the clipboard to paste.)

And if anyone’s wondering why I don’t just use Chrome: Edge is more friendly for MS Office: e.g. I can drag-n-drop attachments straight from Outlook into an Asana task, which doesn’t work through Chrome.

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Hi @Adam-Involute and thank you so much for the additional information!

We’ve gone ahead and filed a bug for our team to investigate; We’ll be in touch as soon as We have an update about it!

Sounds good!

Hi @Adam-Involute :wave:

Sincere apologies for the delay here! I just wanted to confirm with you if you are still experiencing this issue!

Thank you for your help and patience! :raised_hands:

Sorry for the slow reply. I can confirm the same behavior: pasting an image in Microsoft Edge 44.18362.387.0 on Windows 10 does nothing.
Good luck!

Thank you for the follow-up @Adam-Involute

I’ll update the report I have filed for this issue. Thank you for your patience! Have a great Friday!

Happy Thursday @Adam-Involute :wave:

After some research our Engineers have confirmed that copying and pasting files from clipboard is not supported by Edge. (you can read more about it here: Microsoft Edge Developer website - Microsoft Edge Developer. From what I read, the Edge Team is not planning to fix it so If it i OK with you I’ve gone ahead and close this thread.

Thank you for reporting this and for your patience! If there is anything else I can help you with don’t hesitate to reach out! :slight_smile:

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