Cannot add multiple tasks to a project when project list is long

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
When I select multiple tasks and then go to add them to a project, and the tasks are in many projects then I can’t scroll down to the bottom to get to the add project button with the search input

Steps to reproduce:
Select multiple tasks in many project
Try to add them to a project

Browser version:
Google Chrome
Version 98.0.4758.109 (Official Build) (arm64)

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Nick_Merican, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and thanks for reporting this issue!

It seems this issue is related to the size of the screen. In order to report it to our product team, could you confirm what is the size of your screen and what % you are zooming in your browser? Could you also try zooming out and let me know if the issue persists? This information will help us investigate further, thank you!

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Hi @Emily_Roman, thank you for your reply.

I have a 16 inch screen on 100% zoom. I tried zooming out to 50% but I still can’t get to the bottom of the project list - it’s fixed to the bottom of the window - please see the screenshot attached.

Hi @Emily_Roman, is there any other way to add multiple tasks to a project?

At the moment, I don’t have any way to add multiple tasks to a project other than selecting fewer tasks so that the list of projects is smaller, which is very painful :frowning: .

Thanks for getting back to me and providing this information, @Nick_Merican! Unfortunately, this looks like a bug so I have gone ahead and escalated this issue to our product team so we can investigate further. In the meantime, you could try selecting less tasks to check if the list of projects gets shorter and you can see the search input.

Apologies in advance for the trouble here! I will let you know as soon as I have an update.

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Hi @Emily_Roman, I hope you’re well. Do you have any update on when this bug will be resolved? I need to do this process of adding multiple tasks to a project which are in many projects on a daily basis and I cannot do so with this bug and it’s really frustrating :sob: :weary: . I would be extremely if you could help prioritise this grateful :sweat_smile: !

Hi @Nick_Merican, good news! Our engineering team has deployed a fix for this issue a couple of hours ago. Could you try updating the page and let me know if the issue persists? Thank you!

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Hi @Emily_Roman, Thank you and the engineering team for the fix it’s working great :smiley: !

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