Cannot add more options to custom field

Using an Asana project for a client roster. I set up a custom field so I can select who is the account manager on the roster without assigning the tasks to anyone because I don’t want notifications going out on this, I just want to be able to quickly select who is the AM on each account from a drop-down list (we have an assistant helping with these assignments, so I wanted to make it easy and ensure the names are spelled consistently). So, I pre-populated a custom field with multiple options (single-select only) where the options consist of the account managers’ names. I have currently about 20 or so on the list, its not too long. Today I went in to add another to option to the list. It allowed me to create a new item but would only allow me to add 3 letters to its name description before displaying an error that said “this field is in too many projects to reorder the options” and the save button becomes unselectable. If I remove the extra character(s) in the title I was typing, the error disappears and the save button is again selectable.

  1. I think I should be able to add an unlimited number of options to a multiple option choice field, at any time, so this would seem to be a bug, or are you aware of this limitation?
  2. I was not reordering the list, I was adding to the list when I got this error, so the error seems erroneous in its language.
  3. Why would the error be triggered when exceeding characters in the title of an option, rather than in adding the option?
  4. I am only using this field in this one project, so I don’t understand why it would say its in too many projects. The client roster is fairly long, with several hundred items, so maybe that is what it is talking about, but if so then again it seems the language of the error it itself erroneous.

Are these bugs in the software or are these expected behaviors? If the latter, are the limitations such as this on custom fields spelled out anywhere?

I agree, seems like a bug, I changed the category.

Hi @Ed_Ober, thanks for flagging this.

This error should only appear when trying to reorder fields that do not meet specific criteria. Are you still receiving this error message when trying to create a new field option? If so, could you please try these troubleshooting steps (specifically clearing cache); Supported browsers and troubleshooting steps | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

If the issue persists, please reach out to our Support team with screenshots who can investigate this further for you

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