Cancel request to join team missing?

Hi there
We are using a divisional/enterprise account and I received an notification via email that someone wants access to our team. I cannot find a button to deny this anywhere either in the email/admin console or team settings. Usually it pops up top of screen, but this may be not showing because we are close to limit on seats?

Anyone have any ideas on where/how to cancel request?

Hi @Cally_McIntyre, thanks for reaching out and sorry for the trouble here!

By default, all current team members will receive an email notification for requests to join the team and any member can click through to approve, but you can limit these email notifications to a specific set of members. If all members of the team received the notification, someone else could have approved the new request and that’s why you cannot cancel it.

If the issue persists and you were the only team member notified of this request, I recommend you contacting our support team and send them a screenshot of the email you received. Unfortunately I don’t have the tools in the forum to confirm the number of seats in your team or the status of the request.

Let me know if you have further questions, Cally!

Hi Emily

Thanks for your response, the issue is not about notifications but that there is no where to deny the request.

Thanks for getting back to me @Cally_McIntyre! If you cannot see the option to deny the request, my hunch is because it was already accepted by another team member. If you see the user email address or name in the request you received, please confirm if that user is already part of your team/division. You can manage your members following these steps.