Can you add a task under multiple locations?

Lets say Project 1 has a task that is being performed by company A, and Project 2 has a task that is also performed by company A. Is there a way to view all of Company A’s work?

Thank you

I am assuming Company A is a user/account holder.

On the left side menu, beneath the “Reports” section, select “Tasks I’ve Created.”
Next, select “Refine Search” at the top right, and adjust your filters.

In your example, you’d want to remove yourself from the “Created By” field, and search for Company A under “Assigned to.”

Does this give you what you’re looking for?

We do not have company A set up as a user, this is for our internal tracking but we can still set it up to work that way. Yes, that is what I was looking for and it looks like it will work well.

Thank you

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