Can Timeline dates automatically adjust when task marked complete?


We are trying to set up a way to track quotes that are in process / complete. We want to see a start date and target date, so are using the timeline view a lot to see how long each quote takes.

Is there a way that when each “task” (or quote) is marked complete that the date can automatically adjust to the date it was marked complete? So we can see the actual timeline of that quote? So say we want turnaround in 2 days, but it takes 3… we want to see that the quote is overdue, but when it is marked complete the date would update to the actual turnaround time.

The only way I can think to really accommodate this would be to have custom fields that fill in with text but I would prefer to not go in that direction if I can help it.

Any help is appreciated, thank you!

Hi @Rachel7, welcome to the Community Forum and thanks for reaching out!

You can achieve this using our Rules feature , you can set up a rule that when you complete the task, the date is automatically updated to the day the task is being completed:

I hope this helps!

Thank you Emily!
I might just be not seeing it, but is this a custom rule? So we could only do that if we upgrade to the business accounts?

Hi @Rachel7, you are right! sorry I didn’t mention it before. I created the Rule with the custom rule builder, which is a business feature.