Can I use a task template in Workflow

I have created a task template in a project that is using a worklow. I would like the trigger to build a task using the task template - but I don’t see that possibility. It seems as if I can only create a task or subtasks but not use a template.

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Hi Marisa :raised_hand: and thank you for that question.

If you use the Business pricing plan (or Enterprise) , you can benefit from all the Asana workflow rules. And in that case, you could use a rule to “convert a task into a project from a template”.

Please see an example below :

You can access that Rules panel either from your Workflow section (and click on “More actions” and “Custom actions”; or alternatively, you can access the “Rules” panel from your “Customize” button (top right of your different project views).

Let me know if anything is not clear.



Hi Arthur,

Thanks for the feedback, but I don’t want to create a different project.

I want to use a task template that we have set up in our project to be build when we trigger the action, but it is not an option under actions. I wanted to use a task template as I have dependencies between tasks and if I use the subtask action I need to manually put the dependencies back in again.

Trust this make sense

Hey @Marisa_van_der_Merwe

I don’t think we can use a prebuilt task template (sorry)… However… this may help…

You can use the option in the workflow builder to create a new task…

This then gives you the option for a task to be built depending on the template you create for this workfow

And if you select view all fields you have more options like the full task template

hope this helps?

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Thank you this is very helpful!