How to create a 'My Details' template in My Tasks

Is it possible to have templates in My Tasks?

I am currently setting up our work load in there and all tasks have

Complete by:

Once i have created this, depending on what custom fields are tagged, it distributes the task to the correct ‘Project’ and enters it under the correct staff member.

But i cant seem to set atemplate when i create a task?
I want to create a task, then apply either a Job or Workshop template.
Which will then save fme from entering the same details in again and again every time i create a task :slight_smile:

Hello @Max_Middleton, task templates are available in projects, more info here
So you could set them up in one project and then also have all rules set up there too that would trigger getting tasks added to other projects.
You can also trigger subtasks to be added if required or even new tasks being created.

Otherwise rules that trigger a comment with info being added might work also.

Applying task templates to existing tasks does not work yet. Here is an existing feedback request thread you can upvote.