Personal Task Templates possible?

I’d like to be capable of creating personal Task Templates that are not immediately associated with a Project. From what I see, that is not possible. Am I missing something? Or should this be a feature request

Hi @Patrick_van_der_Valk Welcome back to the forum.

There is not a way of having task templates in your my tasks at the moment as far as I am aware, I will upvote.

Couple of work arounds for the time being. Have a section in your ‘My Tasks’ called task templates and have tasks in there that you duplicate and rename or have a personal project for the sole purpose of task templates.


You could create a private project where you set up all task templates. When you create a task from the template that is assigned to you it will show up in My Tasks anyway.

Would that work?

Alternatively you can create one section under your My Tasks Project called “Templates” and then you can duplicate those whenever needed.


oh haha sry was typing my answer while you did as well :smiley:

HAHA great minds think alike

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Thank you both!

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