Can I trigger a rule using the completion of a specific task?

Can I trigger a rule using the completion of a specific task?
Looking for your help :slight_smile:

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Hello @Luca_Depaoli, yes that is possible if it is connected to another trigger. For example the specific task has a special custom field selection or is in a special section or other triggers.

The rule could then look like this

You just have to define what 2nd trigger you would like to have to define what a specific task means for you.

And then set the action also via the rule builder.

I hope that helps

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Thanks for help, but I don’t think this perfectly matches with my need.
I’d like to have a rule like this: “when task with name “buy some fruit” is completed”, then “update the name of all tasks as {}-{}”.

Then I recommend upvoting here:

And you can look into Flowsana

Hi @Luca_Depaoli

In addition to what Andrea suggested, currently with Asana natively, when you can do is change the task name when the task is marked complete. You cannot add the project name to it as a variable, unless you type the project name manually in the rule itself.

This is achieved by using the 'Do this" action and and select ‘set task title to’


Hi @Andrea_Mayer , I just would like to know if the conditions “Check If…” when setting a rule is also an available option when you have the Starter Package. I would like to have a rule that once is completed gets moved to another section (One Specific Task)

Hi @Monique7 , I’m not to fully aware of the limitations of Asana rules, but with zzBots this is a simple automation. Anytime a task is completed move it to the correct section.

If you have any questions or need help setting this up, just chat with us on our website.