Can I move a task to a specific section based on text in the task?

We need an automation for moving a specific task that comes into our Inbox section into another designated section, which will then alert the assignee to begin the task. This particular task is super time sensitive so I was thinking I could set up rules for when a task is added to this section that sets up high priority and immediate due dates, but I don’t see a way to have Asana recognize this specific entry in the Inbox section as needing to move to this designated section. This seems like it’s more sophisticated programming than Asana has at the time but thought I would ask as this would save us many steps in our process.

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Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Diana_Jaffee!

This isn‘t natively possible in Asana.

Are these tasks created based on a form submission or somebody adds them? If so is always the same person adding them? (Trying to figure out if a specific rule trigger can be set)

Have you considered using custom fields already?
For example when these tasks get added a specific selection is made in the field drop-down which will then trigger rules.

Also here is an existing feedback request thread you might be interested upvoting.

Also have a look at Flowsana

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Thank you Andrea. The task is added by an auto generated email. We have an Inbox set up on our projects for all incoming emails to projects. I will look at the custom field drop down to trigger a rule, but it is looking like Flowsana might be the solution. Thank you for pointing me in this direction!

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