Can email reminders be sent for uploading files?

I have created a form with three file upload options. Only one is mandatory at the time of form submission, the remaining two file upload fields need to be completed at a later date. Is there any way to create reminders until those uploads are completed?

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Hi @Brian_Sorenson and welcome on the forum :wave:

I think there are multiple ways to achieve that.

1) Manually

Assign a task or a subtask as a reminder for them to upload the fields at the desired date.
The task will act as a reminder.
You can create a subtask under the form submission task.
In the description of the task (the reminder), you can use the @TASKNAME to create clarity about what task needs to be completed.

2) Automatically (if your Plan allows you to create custom rules).
That could look like that:

For the person submitting the form to be registered by Asana, the form should be configured this way:

Hope that helps, if not, please let me know :wink:

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