Campaigns and asset approvals

Hello All, looking for how other teams approach asset production and review within a campaign. I’ve found some resources that could apply, but would love feedback from users! Currently, we have a new building opening and it is set up as a project with different phases. Part of this project is a press release that has to go to several different people for approval. It is in the project, in the appropriate phase, assigned to the communications manager. We see several ways to approach -

1, multi home this asset to a communications project, where it can flow through the appropriate approvals each press release goes through.
2, add subtasks to the task itself, for the various approvals.
3. add additional “buckets” to the project that would align with the press release approval process.

This is also relevant to the creative process, and regulatory approval of the promotional part of this project, is the Promotion then a separate project and tasks associated with it linked?

I’d love to hear approaches, and what has worked well for others.

Hi @Kristen_Remick personally I use a combination of 1 & 2 - I build an approvals workflow where it flows through the different sections for different approvals and automatically adding approval subtasks assigned to the person who needs to review. However if this PR is a one off it seems silly to add a workflow for just one task, if all PRs follow this step then having a PR approvals workflow makes sense.

@Danielle-GenD Thank you Danielle! I think our team would benefit from some workflow projects.