Looking for the easiest way to get client approval on creative work

We are a digital agency that create a lot of content for our clients, from image ads, to videos, to email and landing pages, and more. Currently all our projects go through at least 2 approval phases. First, when the copy is done, and second when the design is done. This allows us to avoid working twice on many projects. But the drawback is that it’s a lot of approval for our clients, and some of our biggest clients have a harder time following all the approvals that are required.

What are the best practices or integrations that we could use to make this process easier on our clients? Some of them we communicate with via emails, some are on Asana.

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I think the simplest, most streamlined approval approach would be if your clients were willing to be Guests (free) in your Asana environment and if you were using Asana Business or Enterprise.

You could use Approval type tasks to which they could respond in email–without bothering to open Asana (except for the one-time-only sign in as Guest). They would see an email like this:

and could just click one of the three buttons; that’s it.

On your end, you could create these approvals as subtasks of the task to which they apply; you could easily have one or more required approvals for each piece of work.

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Hi Larry! Thanks for your response, that does sound like a good plan for us. And would the client request changes, would they be able to write what they want to change exactly?

One of our challenges is having multiple rounds of corrections and we would like to keep all communications about the same project at the same spot. Would opening the same subtask work?

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Yes, they can also reply via email to add a comment to that subtask:


The comment would go to their approval task comment thread (not the parent task). That might be good in that it keeps it clear what it’s in connection with, but if you have multiple rounds, comments for each round would be in these separate subtasks comment threads. Some prefer to have all comments in a single thread in the parent task, regardless of how many rounds there are, to ease navigation. But that couldn’t be done via the email interface alone.

You might want to use a gmail or similar address you have, separate from your main Asana address, to simulate being the client and test it out yourself to see what will work best in your situation.


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