Calendar View - and other display issues

Hi community,

I am using Chrome and I just found that it doesn’t display properly. Does anyone experience these issues?

  1. Calendar View: it only shows monthly view. I could not find a way to change view mode.

  1. Conversation: the POST button doesn’t show up.

It displays entirely different when I use Safari.
I am using latest Chrome version.

Much appreciated.

Hi @Trung_Nguyen! Both these issues looks related to your browser; can you check if you’re able to reproduce with an incognito window?

Hi @Marie,

Thanks for reply. It works fine in incognito mode. I just realized my teammates’ chrome works well with asana too.

I have deleted and reinstalled Chrome but still the same. Please advise.



Thanks for the follow-up @Trung_Nguyen! Sounds like the issue could be related to an add-on installed on your browser. Can you uninstall the last add-ons you have installed and verify if the issue persists? I’d recommend removing them one per one to identify which one is causing the issue. Here is more info on how to remove and add-on in Chrome: Install and manage extensions - Chrome Web Store Help. Looking forward to your reply @Trung_Nguyen!

Hi @Marie.

It’s fixed! Till I removed my last add-on :slight_smile:

Thanks much for support!


Great news @Trung_Nguyen!! Thanks for keeping me posted :slight_smile: Marking this one resolved! :white_check_mark: