Calendar Subscriptions for Terminated Employees


If we have a public project and have employees subscribe to this on their iCal or Google Calendar, and one of those employees is no longer working for the company (and removed from the Asana Organization), will they still have access to the calendar? In other words, is that iCal link that they generate from their own calendar unique to their account? Or will they continue to see the project folder? How about a private folder where the specific users are given that iCal link?


Hi @Sam_J - If someone leaves the company and is deprovisioned from your Asana organization, they should no longer have access to your projects (since they’d no longer have access to your Asana overall). For more info on deprovisioning users, see


Thanks Alexis, I understand about the deprovisioning part of an employee deleted from an orginazation. However, my question is related to the iCal or Google cal link they have subscribed to.

The link to subscribe to the calendar has a link to it. Technically anyone who has access to that link can subscribe to that calendar on their phone. I guess my question is, is that public link related to that user only? I can see the link says user on it, but just wanted to get clarification before I start recommending this feature. Hope I’m explaining it right. Thanks!


I see, @Sam_J. I’m going to loop in my colleagues @Michael_A and @Marie who will be able to provide you with even more detail :slight_smile:


Hi @Sam_J! I believe the link would become automatically outdated, but let me double check this with the team. I’ll get back to you asap! :slight_smile:


Apologies for the late reply @Sam_J. I just got confirmation, that the link automatically expires when the Member leaves/is removed from the Organization! Hope this helps, let me know if you have any additional questions!