Calendar creating unwanted duplicates

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Steps to reproduce: Inserting a task with a date range

Browser version: chrome

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Are you saying the bug is that you have a single Pride task but it shows several times? Can you try to open one, rename it, and confirm you only see the renamed task and see it several times?

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Yes this is correct. It only occurs with tasks which a date range. If I delete one, they all delete.

So you are positive you have a single task, with a date range, and that task shows up 5 times? You don’t have 5 tasks?

Correct. If I delete one, they all delete.

A client of mine had the same issue, I reached out to support and they are basically saying “we can’t reproduce, must be a browser issue, please clear cache etc”. Can you try incognito mode?

Unfortunately I cannot replicate this on my end either :frowning:

@Raha_Jalal, can you confirm if this persists in incognito just to make sure we are covering all bases? Have you reached out to our Support team with a link to this task?

It has been fixed fyi support told me and my client confirmed

Glad to hear that, @Bastien_Siebman; I’ll move the thread to the #bugs:closed section then. Thanks for letting me know! :slight_smile:

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