Bulk Adding Project to the Dashboard


Hi there, still not sure if there is a solution for this so I figured I’d add it here.

I help a construction company with their Asana setup, they have 100s of projects on the move at any given time, opening and closing on a constant basis.

They want to export their list of projects to easily review and view what wen’t down that week. All they need is the information provided in the Google Sheets export. Only problem is the fact that they need to be added one by one to the dashboard, and manually removed on a weekly basis.

As I said, with 100s of projects this bulk export becomes quite difficult. I was wondering if there is an easy workaround for this, and if not, a request to make bulk adding and removing a feature of dashboards, or let me export a team’s project to Google Sheets.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


This would be useful for us too. I’d also like to be able to drag projects directly onto or off the dashboard.


To add one more related pain point to Dashboard configuration: manually ordering the projects on the Dashboard, when set to custom order.

For me, adding, manually ordering, and removing Projects on the Dashboard is clunky for one Project, let alone in bulk.
Part of the pain is how long it can take to load all the Projects on the Dashboard as you scroll through it. And the limited visibility in how many Projects you see at one time on the Dashboard.

I would suggest an option for a simple list view of Projects on and not on the Dashboard. From here you could multi select all Projects you want to add or remove from the Dashboard as well as manually order them in the list.
The simplified list view would also make it so you could see more Projects in one view and would be a view that’s easier to scan through.
If you have a large number of Projects on the Dashboard, it can take time to find out if it’s already there or not.
Manual ordering could also be improved if the position on the Dashboard list was numbered and instead of manually dragging one Project through the list at a time, you had the ability to change it’s positional number directly. (i.e. Change the position number for Project 17 in the list to Project 32.)