Bug - task loses tag/project when changed to subtask from tag view

I have saved searches based on tags, when I drag a task into another task in that view to make it a subtask, the now-subtask seems to lose the specific tag I’m filtering on and its project.

It’s annoying since it undoes what’s easiest to do (via keyboard shortcuts) and makes it harder to redo (you have to click into the task to set these again). There’s no keyboard shortcut to open the subtask you’re currently on or multiedit the subtasks you have highlighted in a task - so redoing/setting tags/projects for subtasks is difficult.

Somewhat similar to my previous bug report - Bug - Assigned user lost when changing task to subtask

Seems there is an undocumented keyboard shortcut for navigating from subtasks to task and back - Tab + left or right arrow, but you still have to click on the subtask line yourself.